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Check out these SocialEars demo, training, and webinar videos. They are designed to help you quickly gain the skills needed to use SocialEars as part of your inbound marketing strategy.

In these videos you’ll learn to

  • Create high-quality content to implement an effective content marketing strategy
  • Optimize that content using the new Content SEO techniques
  • Avoid ‘post-n-pray’ by reaching out to influencers and building a social community
  • Measure your success using the Social Performance Analyzer – SocialEars SPAtm  – tool

Excel by using the SocialEars 4-step Content Marketing Optimization Process

These videos are designed as part of a proven 4-step content marketing process that builds on the analytics and power of SocialEars.  It allows focused effort with direct analytic feedback

Step 1 – Create Content

We’ll show you in this video. SocialEars can help you every day to build and increase your social audience. In fact, by using the tips shown in this What’s Hot video, your social engagement will also increase. This will give you valuable social shares improving your organic search in Google’s Pagerank algorithms. Using this easy […]

Step 2 – Optimize Content

We’ve all seen that traditional SEO is no longer effective. It’s been replaced with new techniques that optimize the content itself to improve organic search rankings. SocialEars provides new content SEO tools that ensure you have optimal topic coverage and provide outbound links to popular current articles. These steps make your content more accessible to […]

Step 3 – Engage with your audience

Whe best way to get to a larger audience is to amplify. There are thousands of social voices out there talking about your conversation topics every day. As Brian Solis rather dramatically put it “Engage or Die!”. SocialEars will find those influencers… those message amplifiers you need to get your message heard. And it’s not […]

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