In the social-sphere, if you want people to hear you, you have to listen to what others are saying.  SocialEars shows you who is driving the relevant social conversations, and what is being said. This allows you to get to the core of conversations quickly and to join the conversation itself.

SocialEars listens for you:
  • Trend analysis so you know the hot topics
  • Research of important articles your community is sharing
  • TopicJacking so that you can become a leader in a new trend

Traditional SEO is being replaced with new techniques that optimize the content itself to improve organic search rankings. SocialEars provides new content-targeted SEO tools that ensure your content and outbound content links get the best SEO pagerank they deserve.

SociaEars content-optimization tools give you:
  • Recommended outbound links to top-ranked articles
  • Suggested eye-grabbing titles
  • Several simple content edits that improve organic SEO ranking

There are thousands of social voices talking about your conversation topics every day. SocialEars will find those influencers… those message amplifiers you need to get your message heard. As Brian Solis rather dramatically put it “Engage or Die!”.

SocialEars Social-Engagement tools include:
  • Full social identities of top influencers to amplify your message
  • Social channel planning to focus effort
  • Social-community building tools to accelerate your growth

Analytics are critical to measure what’s working and see how to improve. Marketing without real-time social analytics is like trying to fly an airplane blindfolded. Social analytics give you immediate feedback on your engagement and provides an excellent foundation for social media ROI.

SocialEars tools measure:
  • Social traction for a big picture overview
  • Breakout of social engagement by different channels
  • Competitive analytics to ensure you’re winning
  • Core ROI to prove your social budget is paying off

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Key Features

Influencer Search and Profile

Finding key influencers is a critical task in getting content amplified. It’s a competitive world, and content promotion is key to obtaining high page rank in organic searches. SocialEars finds the influencers who focus on your topic space, and does so across all major social platforms. Individual profiles are built to allow for personal outreach and connection – the first step to influence the influencers and leverage their communities is to identify and communicate with them.

Full Content Analysis

It’s more than the Tweet. It’s about the conversation. Not only does SocialEars monitor top social channels in real-time, it forms full conversation threads among multiple communities. That’s critical to understanding what people are talking about, but more importantly who is driving those conversations. Knowing this allows you to join the conversation, and ultimately influence it yourself.

Trend Discovery

The trend is your friend. And real-time trends that SocialEars finds are even more valuable. Because of the predictive nature of SocialEars analytics you can see the future, respond before your competition has a chance, and be consistently seen as a leader and conversation shaper, not as a follower. Getting in front of the curve created a huge home-run for Employee Screen IQ. See EEIQ Success Story for details.

Social Performance Analysis (SPA)

You can track the success of every blog you post using the SocialEars SPA tool and find how your content performs across multiple social communities. Streamline your marketing efforts like never before to suit each social space. SPA helps you identify the content that is bringing success, and that which needs further tuning. Using the SocialEars SPA tool, especially when combined with the Content Optimizer, will ensure top organic search ranking for all of your content.

Social Community Development

Your business needs to amplify its voice using the power of social communities. SocialEars shows you how to connect to the best social voices out there filters out troublesome spam voices and, and helps you get heard. Tailored to your needs, you’ll soon have a “mission aligned” audience working for you; promoting your content and allowing you to get the most web inbound traffic possible.

Blog Calendar

Planning a blog calendar as part of a content marketing strategy has become a top challenge.  SocialEars combines analytics to predict the most important topics to talk about with a title generator that gives you eye-popping titles that drive traffic. With a free integration into WordPress, the SocialEars blog title generator can even be exported into a calendar tool to focus your team on what matters… generating leads.

Download Our SocialEars Whitepaper on how Social Analytics can help promote your content:

“If You Want to be Heard, You Must Know How to Listen.”