Step 2: Optimize

Optimize Your Content
  • Create

    Get to the core of conversations quickly to keep your content fresh and relevant.

  • Optimize

    Ensure optimal topic coverage and outbound links to popular articles.

  • Engage

    Amplify your voice with influencers in your industry.

  • Measure

    Measure the engagement and impact of your content marketing efforts.

Step 2: Optimize that content using the SocialEars

We’ve all seen that traditional SEO is no longer effective. It’s been replaced with new techniques that optimize the content itself to improve organic search rankings. SocialEars provides new content SEO tools that ensure you have optimal topic coverage and provide outbound links to popular current articles. These steps make your content more accessible to Google Hummingbird search ranking updates.

Importance of Context in Content

Don’t believe context is important? Don’t believe you need to have broad topic coverage to appear in organic searches? Look at this.

Content Context SEO

The chart shows that

  1.  Relevant terms (context) is now the number 2 organic search ranking factor, and
  2. 51% of searches were affected by context.

Having your topics covered is more important than ever and the SocialEars Content Optimizer is here to help . SocialEars is continually scanning thousands of new articles in real time to compare your topics against others. When we see a topic that other relevant competitive articles are using that your content isn’t, that a big red flag.  SocialEars even displays the % occurrence of missed context.

Being able to see the missed topics is an amazing time-saver.  We were writing a great blog post about calls-to-action (CTAs) and forgot to mention Inbound Marketing which provides the backbone for CTAs. It’s so easy to get caught up into the blog/content writing that the big picture slips our mind. SocialEars in a few seconds makes sure we don’t make that mistake.

Create that Great Title

Don’t let the title optimization slow you down either. The title is critical, but writing one is harder than it looks. The SocialEars title generation tool is designed specifically to help create that eye-catching title that grabs the traffic. Turn that tedious mind-numbing head-scratching task into 5-minutes of fun.


One-click Integration with WordPress and Hubspot

A powerful tool like the SocialEars Content Optimizer and Title Generator isn’t useful unless it’s at your fingertips.  And thanks to the free WordPress and the Hubspot integration, these capabilities are just a click away.

Read how SocialEars helped Employee Screen IQ get national news coverage.

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