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You have 3 seconds

That’s the amount of time it takes someone to scan a title and decide whether to click. There is a lot of science here. We’ve all learned how important it is to have a great title.

And it’s hard to make a great title. The SocialEars Content Title Generator is here to help. In this video you’ll see the Content Title Generator in action, giving you powerful suggestions for titles that will grab the eyes.

I need a blog title now!

That’s the easiest way to use the tool. Just pick a topic you’ll write about and SocialEars will produce a great title using one of our proven templates.

Using WordPress?

Use our free SocialEars WordPress plug-in to get title ideas with a single click.

Need a full content calendar?

That’s where the power and science of SocialEars shines. SocialEars Content Title Generator combines its powerful analytics to recommend a full topic sequence. Then it provides recommended titles for those topics in a single click. It’s that easy, and super-flexible.

See SocialEars’ Content Title Generator in action…

See more videos here in our process overview

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