Step 1: Create

Create Better Content
  • Create

    Get to the core of conversations quickly to keep your content fresh and relevant.

  • Optimize

    Ensure optimal topic coverage and outbound links to popular articles.

  • Engage

    Amplify your voice with influencers in your industry.

  • Measure

    Measure the engagement and impact of your content marketing efforts.

Step 1: Create quality content using research and trends

SocialEars provides powerful research tools directly aligned and tuned to the social conversations important to you. Any professional publisher will tell you that research is critical to writing quality material.

Imagine using a tool that shows you the latest articles by thought leaders in your or your client’s industries. SocialEars finds the most relevant and current articles in seconds and shows you who is sharing them allowing you to further filter and apply the results. This type of research can take hours using traditional search engines providing you hours of time savings for each blog you write.

Those savings in time really add up.

Marketers all know that the trend is your friend. Just like in newsjacking, SocialEars applies topicjacking to help you find trending topics to write about while they are hot and new. SocialEars not only shows you the trend as it happens in real-time, it shows you why it’s happening and who is driving the trend.


Read how SocialEars helped Employee Screen IQ get national news coverage.

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